BNS Property Management

Property Management

Priority 1 staff have worked in close partnership with BNS Management Services for a number of years providing a wide range of services. This includes the vetting of contractors through the use of a pre-qualifying proceedure, insurance scrutiny and company checks, provision of competent health and safety advice to both the organisation and its clients. We carry out fire risk assessments and undertake regular reviews of the assessments to make note of any changes or additions which may alter the assessed level of risk. We also carry out annual risk assessments which aim to identify aspects of the property, or activities which present hazards to both residents and visitors. We arrange for surveys by highly qualified organisations, to understand the risks from the presence of asbestos containing materials and make assessments of the likely risks from legionella bacteria being present in water systems. We work with the management team to arrange for statutory inspection and testing on safety critical aspects of the properties. This includes lightning protection systems, dry risers and fire extinguishers, along with any installed detection and warning systems, and carrying out prompt investigation into incidents and accidents including identifying and ensuing the implementation of any necessary remedial actions.

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