Health & Safety Audits

Health & Safety Audits

Industry experts in the auditing of your organisations’ premises and working practices
Meeting the requirements of your organisation, insurers and/or affiliated bodies is essential when conducting Health and Safety audits at your premises and thus our auditing professionals are able outline the standards for audits, which meet with British Standard BS18001 for Health and Safety.

Our approach to auditing is the appraisal of best practice in general health and safety management and of the current outlined legislative requirements. Our experts provide a unique service to assist in the proactive management of a client’s Health and Safety responsibilities.

Our Health and Safety Audits

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Audit of the Health and Safety Management System

This is an examination of the organisation’s planned approach to Health and Safety Management and in particular:

• Health and Safety Policy & Procedures
• Competence
• Risk assessment
• Safe systems of work (SSOW)
• Monitoring, measurement and review

The auditor will review the planned approach of the company with specific reference to HSG65, which outlines the successful Health and Safety management for an organisation, published by the Health and Safety Executive.

Facility-Wide Health and Safety Audit

This includes (as appropriate) the examination of various building-wide hazards and the adequacy of current control measures which have been established. For example:

• Emergencies and evacuation
• Fire safety
• First aid arrangements
• Electrical safety
• Noise
• Display screen equipment
• Safety signage
• Asbestos