Policy Writing

Policy Writing

Constantly ensuring your Health and Safety management system is meeting the needs of your organisation and providing your clients with confidence that you are putting safety first.
As an employer, you have a duty of care towards your employees. Ensuring that their health, safety and welfare whilst at work is respected, managed and provided for is essential under the Health and Safety legislation.

If you do not implement the appropriate policies and procedures, then the consequences can be severe. Priority 1 will work with your organisation to ensure that you are both compliant and that you adhere to all the necessary obligations, requirements and standards.

According to statistics published by the HSE, there were over 70,000 employee non-fatal injuries reported by employers in 2016/2017 (RIDDOR). If such an injury were to happen in your workplace, you may face serious consequences unless you have the correct Health and Safety policies and procedures in place.

A Health and Safety policy is one of the primary documents all organisations should have in place. It sets out your Health and Safety objectives, responsibilities and arrangements, and guides your Health and Safety delivery.

Having a Health and Safety policy is a legal requirement which delivers many benefits including clear communication of your Health and Safety management.

Regulation 2 (3)

Regulation 2 (3) of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 requires employers to ‘’prepare and as often as may be appropriate revise a written statement of his general policy with respect to the health and safety at work of his employees and the organisation and arrangements for the time being in force for carrying out that policy, and to bring the statement and any revision of it to the notice of all of his employees’’.

Regulation 5

Regulation 5 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 refers to the need for the establishment and effect of the health and safety policy within the organisation as a document and as an important guide to the risk assessment process.
(1) Every employer shall make and give effect to such arrangements as are appropriate, having regard to the nature of his activities and the size of his undertaking, for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the preventative and protective measures. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 also require that where an employer employs 5 or more employees, the policy is a written document.

The policy should include the following information

Statement of intent

An overview of the organisations intent in relation to health and safety management, and an outline of responsibilities.


This section outlines the chain of command in relation to health and safety. Who is responsible for what, the identification of a reporting system, and how accountability is fixed to ensure delegated responsibilities are undertaken.


This section will detail how the policy will be implemented with practical arrangements for key risks. Arrangements may include, safe systems of work, training, fire safety, first aid, welfare, dust, noise, arrangements for undertaking risk assessments, recording keeping, accident reporting and investigation etc.


Monitoring should include accident and ill-health records, compliance with legal standards and codes of practice, compliance with the policy, and achievement of the health and safety objectives or targets set.

Professional Policy Writers

Priority 1 can assist with the creation of a bespoke Health and Safety policy for your workplace, complete with an inspection of your premises to ensure nothing has been missed.

Our experienced team of professionals will develop a set of specific health & safety arrangements tailored to you and your business. These arrangements work alongside a bespoke action plan which will help you to develop and manage your health & safety systems.

Through regular communications, we will ensure you have a helping hand every step of the way.