Water System

The key areas of our services and audit works include but are not limited to:
Legionella risk assessments
Legionella management plans
Review of existing system assessments
Tank inspections

Water System

Experienced professionals able to create water system assessments and the associated management of such assessments thereafter.


Company Responsibility

Not only must companies meet their legal responsibilities with regards to water system management, but they must also be seen to comply with government guidance as set out in The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems – HSE ACOP (L8) and effluent discharge consents.

Water System Management Assessment

As part of the assessment, our experts will recommend precautionary measures to reduce the overall risk associated. These may include management responsibility and training as well as system maintenance, refurbishment and routine monitoring and inspection.
Understanding the increasing pressure on budgets, all our recommendations are prioritised, meaning that companies are able to quickly maximise benefit in terms of risk reduction.

Once completed, our Risk Assessments are provided in both hard copy and electronically and can be shared across your organisation.

Further options include:

• Legionella and microbiological analysis
• Photographs and AutoCAD™ schematic drawings are also available to download


The risk assessment

The key areas of our services and audit works include but are not limited to:
Site survey data and asset register
Observations (including photographs)
Risk rating
Recommendations to reduce the risk
Schematic drawings
Periodic monitoring regime

Asbestos Management

Our qualified team are able to assist in the management of asbestos containing materials at your premises by taking information from your asbestos survey and using this to produce an effective asbestos policy and procedure and authoring your asbestos management plan.

With the management plan complete, a timetable for condition assessment can be put together. This requires a qualified member of staff visiting the premises and assessing the condition of all the asbestos identified in the survey. Where the condition of the material has changed then a report will be compiled which details the new risk level and makes recommendations regarding any changes to the ongoing management process.

In some instances, removal of asbestos is the only option due to its location or condition or because required works are likely to cause disturbance. At Priority 1, we can manage the removal process for you, by appointing competent contractors, developing a timetable for the work to reduce the disruption and closely managing the budget for the removal process.

The management process will include preparation of a removal specification, arranging quotes from approved contractors, overseeing works on site and ensuring independent air testing prior to the production of the Certificate of Re-Occupation.

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