Asbestos management

Asbestos management

Helping organisations protect individuals from the risks associated with exposure to asbestos.
If you are responsible for the maintenance of non-domestic premises, you have a duty to manage the asbestos within such buildings and also the responsibility to protect anyone using or working within the premises from the risks associated with the exposure to asbestos.

Priority 1 are able to offer asbestos surveys and/or asbestos management plans. Once the surveys are conducted and the priority and material assessments determined, then the outlined management plan can be initiated and maintained.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 places an explicit duty on all those responsible for workplaces to have a plan for managing asbestos on the premises. This is so that your workforce, visitors to your premises and contractors can be protected from the health hazards associated with exposure to airborne asbestos fibres.

The Asbestos Management Plan must be a written document identifying the asbestos management strategy, those responsible for the management and the arrangements which are in place to make sure that policy is effective.

At Priority 1 we are able to assist you from the beginning of the process by completing a survey of the premises and undertaking assessments of analysed samples, creating the asbestos register and commencing the management process.

Priority 1 and our contractors will ensure that a suitable survey is completed which identifies asbestos in visible locations or presumed in locations which cannot be accessed. To ensure the quality of the survey and sample analysis Priority 1 will only use contractors accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) to ISO/IEC 17020, and carry out the survey to a method accepted by UKAS, the HSE’s HSG264, Asbestos: The survey guide.


There are around 2,700 new mesothelioma cases in the UK every year, that's more than 7 every day


Since the early 1990s, mesothelioma incidence rates have increased by around two-thirds (67%) in the UK


40 people die in the UK every week (half of which are typically tradesmen)

1 person

Asbestos exposure kills 1 person every 5 minutes around the world

The survey and the determined priority and material assessments will form the basis of the new management plan.

Asbestos removal may be a requirement, however other measures may also be appropriate, including treatment, encapsulation or continued management. Priority 1 is equipped to organise and manage whichever course of action is required going forward.

Asbestos Management Services

Our qualified team are able to assist in the management of asbestos containing materials at your premises by taking information from your asbestos survey and using this to produce an effective asbestos policy and procedure and authoring your asbestos management plan.

With the management plan complete, a timetable for condition assessment can be put together. This requires a qualified member of staff visiting the premises and assessing the condition of all the asbestos identified in the survey. Where the condition of the material has changed then a report will be compiled which details the new risk level and makes recommendations regarding any changes to the ongoing management process.

In some instances, removal of asbestos is the only option due to its location or condition or because required works are likely to cause disturbance. At Priority 1, we can manage the removal process for you, by appointing competent contractors, developing a timetable for the work to reduce the disruption and closely managing the budget for the removal process.

The management process will include preparation of a removal specification, arranging quotes from approved contractors, overseeing works on site and ensuring independent air testing prior to the production of the Certificate of Re-Occupation.