Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

Competent in undertaking all types of fire risk assessments, including fire door surveys and all aspects of testing and inspection.
Priority 1 offer a complete approach to fire risk assessment, covering all aspects of asset management. This approach ensures your organisation is fully compliant with the current fire safety legislation and meets the relevant industry standards and best practice recommendations.

A fire at your premises could lead to a catastrophic event, including loss of property, injury to employees and visitors, and in extreme cases the loss of lives. If you have responsibility for the premises, you are legally required to ensure that the fire risks at the property have been properly assessed and that such levels of risk are understood.
Fire risk assessments should be completed by a qualified and experienced assessor. Priority 1 will visit the premises and identify any hazards, evaluate and explain the level of risk, and produce an action plan of the requirements and recommendations. Applying timescales to such plans help you prioritise any recommended works to ultimately improve the overall risk rating and fire safety measures at your premises.

261 deaths

In 2016/17 there were 261 fire-related fatalities and 7,081 non-fatal casualties in fires.

30,296 fires

There were 30,296 dwelling fires attended in 2016/17 by the Fire & Rescue service


39% of battery powered smoke alarms failed to operate in dwelling fires in 2016/17 in England.


Cooking appliances were the source of ignition in 49% of accidental dwelling fires

Our Fire Safety Services

The Priority 1 team are able to help protect your property and business, ensuring your employees and residents have the ability to remain safe in an emergency situation.

Fire Alarm Testing

Full periodic servicing & maintenance of your fire alarm system to ensure it operates correctly and is serviced and maintained to meet legal requirements and recognised standards (BS 5839).

Emergency Light Testing

Emergency lights can be critical to the safe evacuation of a building in the event of a power failure. We will provide engineers to complete ongoing inspections, undertake repairs and ensure the system is ready for use when it matters and also that the system meets recognised standards (BS 5266).

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

A competent engineer will complete servicing of the fire extinguishers and fire blankets, ensuring they remain in operational condition and also complete refilling procedures on a periodic basis to meet the relevant British standard (BS 5306).

Maintenance of Smoke Clearance Systems

Certified examination and service of the automatic opening vent or opening window system at the premises. Checking of the system detection devices and any interlink with the installed fire alarm (BS 7346).

Professional Service Engineers

At Priority 1 our fire assessors and professional service engineers and are experienced and qualified to undertake the assessment and maintenance of the fire safety at your building. All servicing or testing is followed by relevant reports and certificates so that you can take the necessary action on identified failings and prove the compliance of your fire safety systems.