Contractor Services

Contractor Services

Leaders in providing vital Health and Safety information and assistance regarding the issues which need to be considered by companies when working with contractors.
Priority 1 can provide information and assistance in regard to the Health and Safety issues which need to be considered by companies when working with contractors, or for contractors wishing to procure business from larger organisations.

Ensuring that companies only source contractors who hold the correct insurance certification, adopt the correct risk controls and employ suitably qualified staff is vital to confirm the necessary steps are being taken so that the work carried out is completed on time, on budget and most importantly; in a safe manner.

To assess whether a contractor is competent, we require them to answer specific questions in relation to Health and Safety. These questions ask them to provide relevant experience of undertaking similar tasks, details of accident statistics, detailed risk assessments and method statements relevant for the works that is to be carried out, together with evidence of specific Health and Safety training.

When employing a contractor, both the contract issuing company and the contractor will have outlined duties to consider under Health and Safety legislation. This also applies when a selected contractor employs subcontractors. When employing contractors you should consider the following:

Select a suitable subcontractor – ensure they have sufficient skills and knowledge to perform the job required in a safe manner, and without risks to others.
Assess the risks of the work – the level of risk will depend on the nature of the job. Whatever the risk, you will need to consider the health and safety implications.
Undertake a risk assessment. The contractor must assess the risks for the contracted work and then both parties must collaborate to consider any risks from each other’s work that could affect the health and safety of the workforce or anyone else.
Provide information, instruction and training to your employees. You should also provide any information to contractors on the risks from your activities and the controls you have in place.
Set up liaison arrangements for co-operation and co-ordination with all those responsible to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the workplace.
Decide what you need to do to manage and supervise the work of contractors and agree the nature of the controls before work starts.

Risks of using contractors

Contractors will often work in places that are unfamiliar to them and maybe unaware of the hazards in that particular place of work.

If contractors and sub-contractors have not been properly vetted they may not have the qualifications, training or capability to control the risks and work safely. This has the potential to place the employees of the contractor, your employees or your client at risk, along with others who may be affected including members of the public.

Ensuing that everyone in the chain of contractors and subcontractors is qualified to undertake the work in a safe manner remains the responsibility of the organisation issuing the contract.