Hospitality Sector

The hospitality industry covers a wide range of different enterprises which includes hotels, pubs and restaurants, commercial food production premises, takeaways, cafes and bistros.

Whether your business is a hotel, pub, restaurants, or any other businesses that forms part of the hospitality sector, Priority 1 can play a part in making sure that the health and safety of both your staff and clientele is not put at risk. We can help plan your health and safety and ensure that the way you and your staff carry out day to day operations is maintaining best practice in regard to health and safety. This will include helping you to complete the necessary risk assessments, making sure you have suitable equipment which is properly maintained, devising safe systems of work, and providing a high standard of staff training.

To ensure your premises are safe and meeting standards of legislative compliance Priority 1 staff can complete compliance audits and fire risk assessments, and then assist in finding the right organisations to complete any corrective action and maintain your compliance into the future.