North Somerset
Enterprise Agency

Priority 1 works with NSEA assisting them in maintaining safe working environments for both staff and clients. We do this through fire risk assessment and health and safety premises auditing. This helps to ensure all compliance aspects of the premises are adhered to and all maintenance needs are met.



Priority 1 works with the Facilities and Estates departments at the IDH Group, assisting them in the compliance of their sub-let and mothballed premises. This work includes property inspections, condition reporting, contractor appointment and compliance monitoring.



Working with the support and guidance of the DaiKar consultancy team we have worked to complete fire risk assessments at large and complex premises for national and international corporate client organisations. We have supported DaiKar in offering additional services within their wide ranging and successful facilities management consultancy.


Grammar School

Priority 1 staff have been working with Bristol Grammar School for a number of years providing independent health and safety advice. We provide a service to the school which includes audits of both the teaching departments and the support services such as facilities and catering. We have been able to assist the school with the training of support services staff in subjects such as fire safety, asbestos awareness and risk assessment. Working closely with the Facilities department and the management team at the school we have completed fire risk assessments of all the buildings and produced action plans which they are using to improve fire safety across the site.


Property Management

Priority 1 staff have worked in close partnership with BNS Management Services for a number of years providing a wide range of services. This includes the vetting of contractors through the use of a pre-qualifying proceedure, insurance scrutiny and company checks, provision of competent health and safety advice to both the organisation and its clients. We carry out fire risk assessments and undertake regular reviews of the assessments to make note of any changes or additions which may alter the assessed level of risk. We also carry out annual risk assessments which aim to identify aspects of the property, or activities which present hazards to both residents and visitors. We arrange for surveys by highly qualified organisations, to understand the risks from the presence of asbestos containing materials and make assessments of the likely risks from legionella bacteria being present in water systems. We work with the management team to arrange for statutory inspection and testing on safety critical aspects of the properties. This includes lightning protection systems, dry risers and fire extinguishers, along with any installed detection and warning systems, and carrying out prompt investigation into incidents and accidents including identifying and ensuing the implementation of any necessary remedial actions.


Health and Safety
Specialists for Residential Property

Our services ensure that properties are legally compliant with legislation. This includes fire safety, and as far as is practicable, reducing risk to those who live at or visit the premises. We offer a range of packages from one off audits or assessments to a full suite of inspection, testing and compliance assurance.

Priority 1 currently provides health and safety services to the managing agents and freeholders of over 250 properties in the South and South West of the UK.

In January 2023, new legislation on residential fire doors comes into force: The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022. For information on how this may impact your property and how Priority 1 can help, visit the following article on our website: Fire Doors in Apartment Blocks


Health and Safety
Specialists for Hospitality

The hospitality industry covers a wide range of different enterprises which includes hotels, pubs and restaurants, commercial food production premises, takeaways, cafes and bistros.

Whether your business is a hotel, pub, restaurant, or any other business that forms part of the hospitality sector, Priority 1 can help. We make sure that the health and safety of both your staff and clientele is not put at risk. We can help plan your health and safety policies, and ensure that the way you and your staff carry out day to day operations is maintaining best practice regarding health and safety. This includes helping you to complete the necessary risk assessments, making sure you have suitable equipment which is properly maintained, devising safe systems of work, and providing a high standard of staff training.

To ensure your premises are safe and meeting standards of legislative compliance Priority 1 staff can complete compliance audits and fire risk assessments. We then assist in finding the right organisations to complete any corrective action and maintain your compliance into the future.


Health and Safety
Specialists for the Faith and Community Sector

Priority 1 works with faith organisations from varied beliefs, and community groups who have many different aims. We provide fire risk assessments and property compliance audits on buildings under the control of the organisations. Priority 1 works with these organisations to enable them to meet with the legislative compliance relevant to their function and ensures any necessary remedial actions are completed. Our involvement with faith and community groups can be particularly important at times when work to the premises are required. This includes providing health and safety support if the appointment of contractors is needed to complete structural repairs or undertake improvement works such as roof works, building extensions or major electrical works.

Priority 1 provides these organisations and their employees with competent health and safety advice, undertaking process reviews and updating their health and safety policies. The results of work in this sector have already included the implementation of improved controls through employee education, guidance on ensuring continued compliance and improvements in the safe systems of work.


Health and Safety
Specialists in Commercial Property

Priority 1 Works with freeholders, property agents and insurers to identify and mitigate the risks at all types of commercial premises.

Identifying the risks within commercial premises can be complex and is unique to each building and type of usage. Our detailed audits of both premises and procedures aim to provide accurate information regarding risk types, risk levels and current mitigation factors. Our team will work with the freeholders and other interested parties to manage the risks presented. We will further advise on issues arising from the current or proposed activities at the premises.

All services relating to commercial buildings can be tailored to meet the needs of the client and the perceived risk levels of the assessed buildings. These service levels can range from one off assessments and audits to ongoing support and compliance assurance.

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